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What affects pellet hardness in animal feed mill equipment for sale?

Animal feed mill equipment as the most equipment in the feed pellet production, if want to production the best feed pellet , must to know what affects pellet hardness in animal feed mill equipment for sale?

Throughout the whole process of animal feed mill equipment for sale, in addition to the feed formula, the process that affects the hardness of the pellets of pellet feed are: the crushing process of raw materials, the puffing and expansion process of raw materials, the mixing of raw materials, water, oil spraying process, the steam pre-conditioning process, the selection of the ring die in the pelleting process, the post-ripening, post-spraying process and the drying and cooling process.

  • Effect of crushing process on pellet hardness

The decisive factor for the hardness of the pellets in the crushing process is the size of the crushed raw material. The impact of crushing particle size on the hardness of the granule is indirectly through the tempering process and granulation process. In actual production, according to the production performance of different animals and the size of the ring die aperture, crushing size requirements to make appropriate adjustments. In poultry feeds generally require pellets of granular feed to be hard, low pulverization rate, which is reducing the waste of feed.

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Generally speaking, in the process of the chicken feed manufacturing plant, the finer the crushing size of the raw material, the easier the starch paste in the tempering process, the stronger the bonding effect in the granule material, the greater the hardness of pellets.

  • The influence of the puffing process of the material on the hardness of the pellets

Through the puffing process of raw materials, it can destroy the anti-nutritional factors in raw materials, remove the toxins in raw materials, kill bacteria and eliminate harmful substances. The protein in the raw material is denatured and the starch is fully pasted. The effect of paste starch on the hardness of the granule is significant.

At present, puffed raw materials are mainly used in the production of high-grade suckling pig and special aquatic materials. For special aquatic materials, the raw materials through the puffing, starch paste degree increased, the hardness of the formed particles also increased, which is conducive to improving the stability of the particles in water. In the animal feed mill equipment for sale, through puffing, the starch is easier to pasted, which can improve the hardness of pellets.

  • The influence of mixing of raw materials, water addition and oil spraying process on the hardness of pellets 

The mixing of raw materials can improve the uniformity of various particle size components, which is conducive to maintaining the basic consistency of pellet hardness and improving product quality. The process of adding water in the mixer is still an issue being actively explored. In the production of hard pellet feed, the addition of 1-2% water in the mixer is conducive to improving the stability and hardness of the pellets.

However, due to the increase of moisture, it brings negative effect to the drying and cooling of the pellets. It is also unfavorable to the storage of the product. High moisture material after forming the pellet, the particle hardness is small, the particle wet and soft, good palatability, can improve the production performance of livestock and poultry. In large breeding enterprises can use this wet pellet feed. Wet pellets generally can not be stored, generally require that the production that feeding.

Adding grease in the mixing process is a common process of adding grease in the feed production plant. Adding 1-2% grease can not significantly reduce the hardness of the pellet, adding 3-4% grease can significantly reduce the hardness of the pellet. In the animal feed mill equipment for sale, fully mixing raw material, adding appropriate water and grease can improve the hardness of the pellets.

  • The effect of steam tempering process on the hardness of pellets

Steam tempering is a key process in pellet feed processing, and the tempering effect directly affects the internal structure and appearance quality of pellets. Steam quality and tempering time are two important factors that affect the tempering effect. High-quality and dry saturated steam can provide more heat to raise the temperature of the material, so that the starch paste, the longer the tempering time the higher the degree of starch paste, the more dense the structure of the formed pellets, the better the stability, and the greater the hardness.

For general livestock and poultry, the tempering temperature is kept at 70-80℃ by adjusting the amount of steam added, and the tempering time is controlled by changing the length of the conditioner, the angle of the paddle and the rotational speed to about 30 seconds. For fish materials, generally adopt double or multi-layer jacket tempering to improve the tempering temperature and extend the tempering time. It is more conducive to improve the stability of fish particles in the water, and the hardness of the particles also increases accordingly.

Steam tempering is a key process in the feed pellet machine for sale. High-quality and dry saturated steam and longer tempering process can improve the hardness of the pellets.

  • The influence of the ring die on the hardness of the pellets

Pelletizer ring die aperture and compression ratio and other technical parameters can significantly affect the hardness of the pellets. The length of the pellet has an obvious influence on the compression capacity of the pellet. For the same diameter pellet, the longer the length of the pellet, the greater the measured hardness if there is no defect in the pellet.

Adjusting the position of the cutter and maintaining the proper particle length can keep the hardness of the particles basically the same. The shape of the particle diameter cross-section also has a certain influence on the particle hardness. The 8-shaped cross-section has a stronger pressure-bearing capacity than the round cross-section, and the measured hardness value is also larger.

In addition, the material of the ring die also has a certain influence on the appearance quality and hardness of the pellets. There is a significant difference between the pellets produced by ordinary steel ring die and stainless steel ring die. Using the same aperture but different compression ratio of the ring die, the hardness of the pellets with the increase of compression ratio significantly increased. Selecting a suitable compression ratio ring die can produce pellets of suitable hardness.

  • The effect of drying and cooling process on the hardness of pellets

In order to prolong the storage time of feed products and ensure the quality of products within a certain period of time, the feed pellets need to undergo the necessary drying and cooling processes. In the test to determine the hardness of the pellets, the hardness of the pellets was measured by cooling the same product for 5, 10 and 15 minutes respectively, and it was found that the hardness of the pellets with low hardness was not significantly affected by the cooling time, while the hardness of the pellets with higher hardness decreased with longer cooling time. This may be due to the fact that the brittleness of the granules increases as the water inside the granules is dissipated, which affects the granule hardness.

In the animal feed mill equipment for sale, the factors affecting the hardness of the pellets are far more than these. As more and more scientific and technical workers who are enthusiastic about feed processing technology research, more and more methods to regulate the hardness of the pellets are mastered.

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Where can I buy floating fish feed making machine?

1.Where can I buy floating fish feed machine?

Where is the floating fish feed making machine sold? How much for one? The advantages of the floating fish feed making machine are that it is simple to operate, easy to use, and the pelleted feed aqua fish love to eat, and it can reduce feed costs for the majority of farmers and improve breeding profits.

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In the use of floating feed extruder machines, farmers generally choose motor-type floating fish feed pellet machine. For some farmers who have special needs and are generally inconvenient to use electricity, they would like to know where diesel-type floating fish feed pellet machines are sold? How much?

RICHI Machinery is an old brand with many years of experience in floating fish feed making machine manufacturing. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of pellet mill equipment.

RICHI provides motor-type floating fish feed making machines, diesel-type floating fish feed making machines, and tractor-type pellet machines for customers with various needs.

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2. How to use the floating pellet machine?

There are also some matters that need to be paid attention to before using the floating pellet machine. In order to make the majority of farmers more handy when using it, the following will introduce the precautions and usage methods of the floating fish feed making machine before use. (Related post: Floating Fish Feed Mill)

(1) (Starting without electricity) Start-up steps

  • Place the speed control handle on the “start” position of the speed indicator.
  • Insert the starting handle into the starting shaft hole, press the pressure relief handle with the left hand, and shake the starting handle with the right hand until you hear the normal injection sound of the diesel engine.
  • Shake quickly. When the flywheel has obtained enough energy, quickly release the decompression handle and continue to shake vigorously, and the diesel engine can be started.
  • Once the diesel engine is started, the start handle will automatically disengage and slide out by the force of the helical slope of the start shaft hole. At this time, the start handle still needs to be held tightly and pulled back to avoid accidents.

(2) (Energized start) Start-up steps

  • Put the speed control handle at the “start” position of the speed indicator.
  • Turn the circuit key to “I” gear, at this time the battery is connected to the starter, and then dial to “II”, the starter gear is pushed into the ring gear to mesh with it, and the flywheel rotates, and the diesel engine starts. (Related post: Shrimp Feed Mill)
  • After the diesel engine is started, the key must be returned to the “I” block immediately.
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3. How much is floating fish feed making machine?

The power of the brand is intangible. More and more users pay more attention to the quality of the floating fish feed making machine when buying products than the brand. Diesel feed pellet machines are no exception. Many farmers will ask the questionabout the price of feed pellet machine, which brand of floating fish feed making machine is of good quality, etc.

RICHI Machinery, a professional floating fish feed making machine manufacturer, is an old brand specializing in the production of pellet machine equipment. The price is moderate, the models are complete, and you can take it home for a few thousand yuan. It is a good choice for breeding entrepreneurs to start a business and get rich.

The floating fish feed making machine, as the name suggests, is also a floating fish feed extruder machine. This equipment is mainly aimed at the feed processing equipment used by individual family farmers and small farms.

floating fish feed machine price fish feed mill plant cost

The equipment has a compact design, small footprint, low noise, simple structure, and easy operation. One machine is multi-purpose, which belongs to the multi-functional small feed pellet machine. It can save the feed cost and improve the economic profit for the breeder. (Related post: Sinking Fish Feed Machine)

The specific price of the floating fish feed making machine depends on the raw materials used by the breeder, how much output they need, and what type of pellet machine equipment to choose. Because of the different models, output and configuration, each floating fish feed making machine manufacturer’s quotation is different, the process is different, and the machine structure is different.

The difference, so the floating fish feed making machine price is high and low, the price ranges from several thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. Users can consult the sales of RICHI floating fish feed making machine manufacturers online.

They can talk about the raw materials used and the required pellet diameter in detail, so that it is convenient to recommend suitable models. Just compare prices. pelleting effect, yield and other objective factors to choose the floating fish feed making machine that suits you.

poultry feed maker machine

What’s the poultry feed maker machine output?

Poultry feed maker machine is widely used in large, medium and small livestock farms, poultry farms, aquaculture, grain and feed processing plants, self-employed farming and large, medium and small feed processing plants.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing a feed pellet machine, there are always various problems. Below, make a brief summary and answer to the ten most frequently consulted questions in the feed pellet machine question list.

poultry feed maker machine

1.What is the output of the poultry feed maker machine? How much can you produce per hour?

The most concerned issue of many customers inquiring about the poultry feed pellet making machine is nothing more than the output of the poultry feed maker machine, and the output of the feed pellet machine is different according to the type of equipment.

Poultry feed maker machines are divided into ring die and flat die pellet machines. Generally, ring die pellet machines are used for large-scale feed production. The flat die feed pellet machine is mainly used for the production of large, medium, small and household scale feed pellets.

Richi Machinery mainly produces ring die poultry feed maker machines. Compared with flat die, the biggest advantages of this model are: reasonable structure, wide application range, good quality, long service life, low noise and low energy consumption.

The output of feed pellet electromechanical models is 1~45 tons/hour.

2.What is the poultry feed making machine price?

In addition to the output of the poultry feed maker machine, the poultry feed making machine price is also the most important factor considered by many buyers. According to the production needs, generally the demand of 1 ton/hour output, it is necessary to choose the ring die poultry pellet machine, because the flat die feed pellet machine is not durable, and it is only for small household output.

Flat die feed pellet machines are relatively cheap.

Depending on the output and power, the price ranges from more than 1,000 to more than 10,000 US dollars; however, as far as the current application is concerned, the ring die poultry feed maker machine is the future trend, the poultry feed making machine price is usually 7000-100000USD, and the service life is long, and the processed feed is of good quality.

Poultry feed mills all use ring die pellet machines, because the advantages of ring die feed pellet machines are incomparable to flat die pellet machines. If the quality of feed is not pursued, and the small production demand is tens of kilograms or hundreds of kilograms, it is also possible to choose a flat die pellet mill.

3.What is the quality of poultry feed pellet machine?

Richi Machinery poultry feed maker machine has passed ISO quality management system certification, EU CE safety certification. Some models have obtained national patent certificates.

The model has passed the durability test and obtained the agricultural machinery appraisal certificate of the Agricultural Machinery Promotion Department, and some provinces can participate in the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidies.

Advantages of Poultry Feed Pellet Maker Machine:

(1) The gear box is made of high-quality gray cast iron material, with low noise and good shock absorption.

(2) Gear transmission is adopted, which is more efficient than belt transmission and worm gear transmission, and can avoid belt slippage and short belt life in belt transmission.

(3) The structural design of the traditional poultry feed maker machine has been changed, the shell has added reinforcing ribs, and the thickness of the casting has been increased, thereby greatly enhancing the strength of the machine and preventing the breakage of the shell of the feed pellet machine.

(4) The die plate and pressure roller are made of high-quality alloy steel with a hardness of 55-60HRC.

(5) The most suitable die hole structure for sawdust processing, the core technology obtained through a large number of experiments—the best die hole compression ratio.

(6) Safe electronic control system, operating system fully compliant with CE standard, emergency stop button can quickly shut down the machine in emergency. (Hot post: cat litter making machine)

(7) Because of strict and standardized production and technical management, the consistency and interchangeability of all our machines and each part are ensured, and customers can choose spare parts more assured.

4.Which brand of poultry feed pellet making machine is easy to use?

Richi Machinery has dozens of series and hundreds of specifications of poultry feed maker machine with complete models and excellent quality. It has a good reputation in the industry and its products are widely sold at home and abroad.

5.Which models of poultry feed maker machines are easy to use? How to improve the service life of the machine?

SZLH series poultry feed pelleting machine is currently the most popular machine, and the customer’s praise and reputation are very good. (Related post: cat litter production line)

After purchase, it is necessary to carry out trial production according to the instruction manual or the correct guidance of the staff, and strictly follow the operation steps for trial production, which can not only effectively improve the service life of the poultry feed maker machine, but also reduce the problems in the production process. Secondly, the daily maintenance of the machine is very important.

6.What is the function of poultry feed pellet machine?

(1) Simple structure, wide applicability, small footprint and low noise.

(2) Powdered feed and grass powder can be granulated without (or a little) liquid addition. Therefore, the moisture content of pelleted feed is basically the moisture content of the material before pelleting, which is more conducive to storage.

(3) The granules produced by this poultry feed maker machine have high hardness, smooth surface and sufficient internal curing, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and can also kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. It is suitable for raising rabbits, fish, ducks and laboratory animals. , which is more economical than mixed powder feed.

(4) This model is equipped with 2.5-10mm diameter molds, which are suitable for granulation of different materials and achieve the best effect.

(5) Adapt to different materials to ensure the pressing effect. Compression molding of wood chips, corn stalks, etc. requires a lot of pressure. In similar granulation equipment, the roller part is the central part of the entire equipment, and high-quality alloy steel is used to improve the service life of the roller.

7.What problems should be paid attention to when using the poultry feed pellet machine for the first time?

When the new poultry feed maker machine is used for the first time, it should be operated strictly according to the instructions. Before operation, the new mold plate should be ground. It takes one hour to grind with oil. In order to improve the service life of the machine.

8.Which complete sets of machines should be matched with the poultry feed maker machine?

Poultry feed pellet machine is generally used with auxiliary equipment: pulverizer, feeder, dryer, cooling unit, etc.;

9.Yield and packaging of poultry feed pellet mill

Yield: The smallest poultry feed maker machine has a yield of 15-20 kg per kilowatt, and other manufacturers generally have a maximum of 10 kg. The energy consumption per unit output is generally 0.06-0.05 kWh/kg, and other manufacturers 0.1 kWh/kg.

Packaging: It adopts professional fumigation-free packaging board, and wraps it with plastic wrap to prevent rust during transportation.
Strong brand advantage, strict quality assurance, very high customer return rate. Create a high-quality feed pellet machine.

10.The advantages of poultry feed maker machine components are analyzed, allowing you to purchase more clearly and with confidence

As consumers in the Internet age, purchasing products pay more and more attention to the quality and brand of products. There is also a growing awareness of buying good quality brands. With the rapid economic development of the times, some small workshops with unqualified brands have emerged as the times require.

The products produced have captured some price-oriented customers at low prices. Just pay attention to the cheap price, the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, and there is no follow-up service. In the end, it is the consumers who suffer.

Those who are familiar with the feed pellet machine know that the structure of the feed pellet machine is very simple. Today Richi Machinery will briefly analyze the poultry feed pelletizer machine.

(1) Power: pure copper motor, national standard copper core motor, can be customized according to customer voltage;

(2) Feed hopper and discharge hopper: galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet, rust-proof and thick material. Adopt integral sheet metal hemming, the structure is firm and reliable;

(3) Electric control cabinet: electrical components from Siemens and other poultry feed making machine manufacturers are used. It adopts phosphating, pickling and spraying treatment, with high thickness, and the electrical box adopts emergency stop switch to prevent equipment damage caused by boring equipment. Safer and more durable to use.

(4) Transmission structure: It adopts bevel gear transmission structure and reducer transmission structure, which has stable operation, low noise, positive and negative rotation, and long gear life.

(5) Die pressure roller: As the most important component of poultry feed maker machine, Richi Machinery has very significant advantages in the industry.

The die plate and spindle are made of 40Cr/4Cr13, which has high Cr content and is more wear-resistant. The material is forged, and the internal grains are more fine and uniform, which improves the mechanical properties of the material. The fully automatic CNC automatic punching machine ensures the smoothness of the aperture and the first-class quality of the granules.

The die plate, spindle, pressure roller and pressure roller shaft are vacuum heat treated, which does not damage the surface quality of the parts, does not deform, mold hardness, wear resistance, and mold life.